For the purposes of this Agreement, the term “Art of Pets Hotel” refers to Art of Pets Grooming School Pte Ltd., a private  limited company incorporated in Singapore, “Owner” refers to the name of the individual  aforementioned above and the term “Dog” or “Dogs” refers to all dogs under the said ownership of  the Owner. 


1. Owner certifies the accuracy of ALL information and has provided sufficient instructions for the  care of his/her Dog(s).  

2. Owner agrees that the Dog(s) is/are fit for the hotel stay and activities as stated in the Dog’s  Particulars Form during the period of hotel stay. Otherwise please omit and indicate accordingly. 3. Owner certifies that the Dog(s) is/are in good health and must not have or been exposed to any  contagious or communicable illnesses within the period of 30 days before check-in. Any pets  showing signs of vomiting, coughing, gagging, sneezing or diarrhea may not be admitted.  4. Owner certifies that the Dog(s) is/are vaccinated. Dog(s) without vaccinations due to medical  reasons must be accompanied by a certified veterinarian letter stating that the Dog(s) are free  from diseases and healthy.  

5. Owner certifies that the Dog(s) is/are on regular tick/flea prevention treatment. Art of Pets Hotel takes extreme measures to ensure that the premises are free from ticks and fleas. Art of Pets Hotel reserves the right to refuse admittance of dogs showing any signs of ticks and fleas. All owners must de tick their dogs with Frontline,Revolution or other de-ticking products 2 days before the hotel stay or daycare. If the anti-ticks vaccination is performed by the vet, Owner must produce proof with  valid documents. If de-ticking is required, fees will apply.  

6. Art of Pets Hotel reserves the right to refuse admittance to any pet guest for any reason, at any time,  who lacks proof of vaccinations, displays signs of untreated or potentially contagious conditions,  demonstrates aggressive behaviour, or who fails our standard health and temperament policies.  

7. Owner agrees that all activities during the hotel stay are subjected to Dog’s/Dogs’ temperament  and Art of Pets Hotels’ staff’s sole discretion. This is to ensure that Art of Pets Hotel is a safe and conducive  environment for both the Dog(s) and staff.  

Check-in and Check-out  

8. Owner must produce their NRIC or Passport upon check-in.  

9. Owner agrees to make full payment during check–in.  

10. Owners acknowledge the check- in and check-out timings as follows: 

• Check-in: 1200hrs or after.  

• Check-out: Before 1200hrs.  

• Early check-in charges apply.  

11. Check-outs done after 1200hrs will be charged at $25 for every 4 hours or less. 

12. An additional fee will be charged for check-ins after 1700hrs. Art of Pets Hotel encourages owners to  check-in their dogs early to give the dogs some time to settle down before dinner and bed time.

13. Owner is to complete ALL outstanding payment before check-out.  

14. Owners and/or the delegated person performing the check-out for the Dog(s) will be responsible  for checking if the Dog(s) is/are tick free and/or injury free before leaving Art of Pets Hotel. Art of Pets Hotel  and our staff will not be held responsible if any of the above issue(s) is/are discovered after leaving our premise.  

Medical Attention  

15. Should the Dog(s) become ill during the period of stay, Art of Pets Hotel will engage the service of a licensed vet when deemed necessary, and ALL bills must be fully reimbursed by owner.  


16. Owners MUST prepare and label (by pet name) each serving of food in separate packets for the  entire length of the hotel stay.  

17. Owners are encouraged to provide sufficient food throughout the stay. In the event that your prepared food runs out, a service fee will be charged for providing the Dog(s) with the food of your choice.  

Medication (If Applicable)  

18. If the Dog(s) require medications, Owner MUST properly label (by pet name) and provide all  medication for the entire length of the hotel stay.  

Assumption of Risk  

19. Owner understands that Dog(s) may be exposed to possible injuries through rough play during  group activities even with full supervision by our dedicated staff. Art of Pets Hotel will exercise  reasonable care to prevent such unfortunate incidents.  

20. Owner acknowledges that Art of Pets Hotel will not be liable in any ways should injuries occur during  the period of stay unless such incidences are due to the negligence of Art of Pets Hotel’ staff. Owner  agrees to authorise Art of Pets Hotel to seek and obtain veterinary care when deem necessary with  release from all liabilities. All expenses will be borne by the Owner.  

21. Art of Pets Hotel will not be liable in any ways should death occur during the period of stay unless such is due to the negligence of Art of Pets Hotels' staff.  

Temperament Evaluation  

22. For the safety and enjoyment of all dogs, and for the safety of our staff, all dogs must possess a  temperament that is sociable. This will facilitate a safe environment for all dogs, as well as allow  our staff members to be able to care for them.  

23. Any Dog(s) that show severe signs of aggressions/behaviours may be rejected during check-in. Any  Dog(s) that show severe signs of aggressions/behaviours during the hotel stay may also be  rejected for future hotel stays.  

24. Allowances may be made for specific temperament issues, however Dog(s) cannot pose a danger to Art of Pets Hotels’ staff members.  

25. First-time visitors are required to attend a 3-hour Trial Test at Art of Pets Hotel before being accepted  for the hotel stay.  

26. Art of Pets Hotel reserve the right to cancel bookings if the Dog(s) fail(s) and/or did not attend the Trial  Test.  



Unsterilised Dogs  

27. Owner acknowledges that for unsterilized dogs admitted for hotel stay and daycare, Art of Pets Hotel will charge an additional fee daily above all other services rendered. 

28. This additional cost will only apply if additional cleanliness maintenance and extra supervision are  required, as unsterilized dogs are more prone to urination marking and the tendency to assert dominance and hump on other dogs.  


Un-neutered Male Dogs 

Un-neutered Female Dogs 

Less than 6 months old 

No charge 

No charge

6 months old & above 

$35 daily 

$15 daily 

$25 daily for dogs on heat


Skin Conditions  

29. Owner acknowledges that Dog(s) with skin conditions will not be allowed to join group activities to  prevent the condition from worsening, as well as for the well-being of other dogs, unless otherwise  proven by the veterinarian with valid documents that it is non-contagious/infectious and will not  worsen from interactions with other dogs.  

Ageing Pets and Old Age  

30. Art of Pets Hotel would accept ageing dogs and dogs with special needs.  

31. Art of Pets Hotel will care for ageing dogs and dogs with special needs in accordance with Owner’s instructions. 

32. Subject to Art of Pets Hotel’ staff’s discretion, an additional fee of $25 daily may be charged above all  the other services rendered. This additional cost applies for additional cleanliness maintenance, extra supervision, changing of diapers for pets with an uncontrollable urinary tract and menstrual  problems. 

33. There will be no staff on Art of Pets Hotels’ premises after 7pm every day. All Dog(s) will be monitored  through the closed-circuit television (CCTV) in their respective hotel rooms. 

34. Should an emergency situation arise outside of Art of Pets Hotels’ operating hours, the staff of Art of Pets Hotel will attend to the emergency at the earliest notice.  

35. Art of Pets Hotel advises against boarding dogs that have terminal illnesses or/and in the late stages of any illnesses. Individual circumstances may be considered with written documentation from a  veterinarian.  

36. Art of Pets Hotel will not be liable in any ways should death occur during the period of stay unless such is due to the negligence of Art of Pets Hotels’ staff.  



37. Any guest not picked up by the owner for more than ten (10) days will be considered as a case of  abandonment and will be handed over to the relevant authorities for investigation.  


38. Art of Pets Hotel reserves the right to amend the above stated terms at any time we deem fit. The revised version of the Agreement will be posted on Art of Pets Hotels’ website for your reference and will  take effect from the time of posting onto the website. 

39. At the date of this Agreement (as indicated below), the Owner agrees to the terms and conditions as stipulated above in this Agreement.  

40. Owner acknowledges that the terms and conditions in this Agreement is subject to future changes and Art of Pets Hotel will not be required to notify the Owner of any changes.  

I have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions as stated