FOUR types of Grooming Services to suit your needs:
Student #Soofurmodel
Senior Groomer

Grooming is an essential part of a Dog's life. Unlike the human kind, Dogs can't clean their own ears, take a shower or brush their teeth.

As a responsible owner, bring your Dog for regular grooming. 


So how often should I bring my Dog to the groomers? Well, some breeds require more grooming than others. For example, Jack Russel Terriers require basic grooming only once a month, perhaps with the additional removal of undercoat. A poodle on the other hand will require full grooming every other month minimally, with basic grooming in between. Poodles also require daily brushing of their coat to prevent matting. If you want your furry one looking like a million dollars than get them fully groomed every month.


As a School, we have Grooming Services by Students, Groomers, Senior Groomers and Instrcutors all priced differently. Take your pick and make an appointment with us. Call 6789 3938 or email us


Prices do not include Dematting & Deticking.

Be considerate to other dogs, always declare if your dog has ticks. We have a strong policy on this!

*Deticking treatment is mandatory for Dogs with ticks. Does not include removing every single tick.

If you dog is severely matted, we recommend to shave down to the shortest as dematting a severly matted dog can be uncomfortable for your dog and expensive as well due to the time spent. Also to note that shaving a severely matted dog has its risk as the fur is stuck closely to the skin. It is best to keep your dog matt-free. Bring them for regular grooming to keep them happy and healthy.

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