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Professional Course (Leading to Class C)

60 lessons

If you are looking to enter the Pet Grooming industry, the Professional Course is for you. Start from our foundation which will equip you with the must-knows of grooming. Building a rock solid foundation is of paramount importance as most grooming habits are made in the beginning and are likely to follow you throughout your grooming career. In Foundation, scisorring will be taught in detail as this skill will determine your performance in the next stage.

For Stages 2 and 3, you will be taught how to groom the different breeds and styles but concentrating on the examination clips in preparation of your exams should you choose to participate in one. Examinations are not a must but good to have. However for some individuals, they prefer to learn only Pet Clips and we respect that as well. If you are already an experienced groomer and wish to only learn the exam clip, kindly contact us for a customised course.

Stage 1: Foundation

• Nail clipping & filing

• Ear cleaning & hair removal

• Shaving of paw pads & hygiene area
​• Expression of anal glands

• Methods of brushing

• Proper bathing & drying

• Fundamental scissoring 

• Fundamental shaving

• Safe handling of pets

• Use of professional equipments & tools

Fees: $2000 for 20 lessons


Course Fees do not include equipments.

Students are not obliged to purchase from the school. Equipments cost $980. 

Stage 2: Intermediate

• Understanding different breed types

• Understanding different fur types and handling

• Shaving methods

• Intensive scissoring methods

• Scissoring on live dogs

• Introduction to Breed Standards for Exam


Fees: $2000 for 20 lessons

Stage 3: Advanced

• Drawing

• Scissoring on different breeds

• Styling on different breeds

• Preparation for Exam Clip


Fees: $2000 for 20 lessons

Professional Course Package

Take all 3 stages & enjoy a 10% discount off the total price

$2000 x 3=$6000

10% discount=$600 (Savings)

Pay only $5400


You may add another 20 lessons for only $1000 in preparation of SKC Exams, totalling the number of lessons to 80 to better prepare yourself.

Schedule of Classes


Day Classes:

Mondays to Sundays: 12pm to 6pm

(except on Wednesdays, 1pm to 6pm

Night Classes:

Tuesdays & Wednesdays only: 7pm to 11pm


An Art of Pets Grooming School Professional Groomer Certificate will be issued upon the completion of your course with satisfactory standard & performance throughout your course.

Course Fees do not include the SKC Examinations.

After Graduation, You may opt to participate in the Annual Singapore Kennel Club Class C or Open Grooming Examinations. Additional fees may apply.

Equipment Package @ $980 (Valid till 31 Dec 2017)


  • Straight Training Shears

  • ARTERO ONE BL-30 (Thinning Shears)

  • ARTERO Premium Clipper 

  • ARTERO Faster Clipper 

  • ARTERO Workshirt with logo

  • ARTERO Holder Buckle

  • ARTERO C622 Blade #10
  • ARTERO D222 Mask Disposable 100s
  • ARTERO F227 Nylon Case
  • ARTERO P222 Comb 18” Long Pin
  • ARTERO Nail Trimmer, small
  • ARTERO  Oil Fresh 300ml
  • ARTERO Nail File, Strong
  • ARTERO Static Control 150ml
  • #1 All Systems Slicker, Strong

  • #1 All Systems Ear So Fresh 4oz
  • GEIB Gator Blade #7
  • Forceps Straight
  • Ear Powder
  • Styptic Powder
Class B, A & Master Certification

You will need a prevailing Class C Certification in order to take the Class B. And a prevailing Class B to take Class A, and Class A to take Masters. Clips within this Class include Poodle Lamb Clips (only Class B) Poodle Puppy Clip, Poodle Continental Clip, Schnauzer Stripping and Bichon Show Clip.

Expectations of students in this Classes are significantly higher each time you enter a higher class. 

Prices will defer in each Class and Clip. Email us to know more.

How do I book my Classes?

Classes are booked on a weekly basis. Once you sign up, you can start booking for lessons. You may book the classes according to your own schedule, subject to availability. Each class is capped at 10 students. Once booked, your attendance is expected or have a valid MC or cancel 3 days before. Class will be cancelled if there is only 1 student that day.

Students must complete their lessons within a given time frame. 

Professional Course: One year period

By stage: Four months period.

How do I make payment?

You may come down personally to make payment. Registration can be made online or on-site. Payments are accepted in the form of Cash or Cheque. Credit card payments incur a 4% administrative charge. However should you wish to utilise your credit card, choose Citibank as they have a six-months installment program.