RESULTS AT THE LATEST 18th SKC & 7th Elite 12th April 2019

Congratulations to all our Students for their stellar performance at the



Master Class:
Ashley Tan - Passed


Class A:
1st Place
Brandon Tan - Best Technical Award


Class B:
1st Place
Florence Hutomo - Best Technical Award

2nd Place
Alexis Tan - Technical Award

Sheree Goh - Passed


Class C
1st Place
Winnie Teo - Best Technical Award

2nd Place
Vivilia Tandias
Technical Award


Open Class:
Adeline Goh - Award of Merit


::::::: Elite Grooming Competition :::::::

Asian Fusion: 
1st Place
Jasline Aiw - Best Techincal Award


Class A:
1st Place - Cheryl Zheng - Best Technical Award


Class B:
2nd Place - Kimberly Tan
Technical Award


Class C:
2nd place - Rachel Long - Technical Award


6th Elite Grooming Competition. Elite Overall Champion: Jasline Aiw Class B Best Technical Award: Jasline Aiw Class B Technical Award: Kimberly Tan Class C Best Techinical Award: Alexis Tan Class C Award of Merit: Sheree Goh 17th SKC Certification: Class B Michael Farro Pass Class C Technical Award: Rachel Long Class Open Award of Merit Marcus Chew Class Open Maqian Pass Thank you Judge Candy Liu from Taiwan and Judge Bernard Ong.

15th SKC Exam & 2nd APAC Competition

SKC A Class: Tan Wenli 1st Prize (Best Techinical Award) SKC B Class: Jasline Aiw 1st Prize (Best Techinical Award) Michelle Hutomo 2nd Prize (Technical Award) Charlene Chen 3rd Prize (Award of Merit) SKC Open Class: Joann 1st Prize (Best Techinical Award) (SKC Overall Winner) Chia Hanru (Pass) SKC C Class: Alexis (Pass) ​ 2nd APAC Grooming Competition: A1 Terrier: Ashley Tan 1st Prize A3 Poodle: Cheryl Zheng 1st Prize C5 Salon Style: Rachel Long 1st Prize (APAC Overall Winner)

14th SKC Exam & 5th AGF Competition

Florence Hutomo - SKC Award of Merit 3rd in Class C Caitlin Leong - SKC C Class pass Ashley Tan - AGF Technical Award 1st in Class A Jasline Tan - AGF Technical Award 2nd in Class C Kimberly Tan - AGF Best Techincal Award 1st in Class C and AGF Overall Champion

SKC Elite Grooming Competition

Open Show Grooming: Ashley Tan Shu Hui - Best Technical Award (1st Place) Novice Show Grooming: Herena Foo - Best Technical Award (1st Place) Open Pet Grooming: Tan Wenli - Best Technical Award (1st Place) Novice Pet Grooming: Jasline Aiw - Techinical Award (1st Runner Up) Caitilin Leong - Award of Merit (3rd Place) Sheree Goh - Award of Merit (3rd Place) Kimberly Tan - Technical Award (2nd Place)


SG CH Noonbora Optimus Prime "Mansei" (Owned by Shanshan Zheng) Champion Male 1st, RBOB , FCI CACIB dog, 207th SKC dog show Noonbora Jackpot from Jackpot Maker (Owned by Ashley Tan) Intermidiate dog 1st , Winner dog, RBOB, Best in group 2, Best Intermediate in show 1 SG whelped dog 1st , CC dog, Best Welphed in show 1 Noonbora Marvelous Hanneul (Owned by Herena Foo) Puppy bitch 1st, Best puppy in group2, best puppy in show 1 Puppy bitch 1st, R.CC bitch, Best puppy in group2, best puppy in show

13th SKC, 1st APAC 14 April 2017

13th SKC Grooming Examinations: Shanshan Zheng Technical Award Class A, 2nd Prize. Winnie Yeo Class B Certification. Jasline Aiw Best Technical Award Class C, 1st Prize. Kimberly Award of Merit Class C. Tian Long Class C Certification. 1st APAC Grooming Competition: Ashley Tan Class A (Terrier) Sylvia Best Technical Award Class C (Scissoring Breed) Charlene Chen Best Technical Award Class C (Salon Style) Lim Geck Hiang Class C(Poodle)

1st APAC & 21st FCI Show

Arthur (KR SG Int Ch Snowfield Sypin Arthur) received 1st APAC Show and 21st FCI Show 2 Best of Breed 2 Best in Group Group 2 Dog of the Year 2016 Miniature Schnauzer of the Year 2016 Groomed by Ashley Tan 1st APAC Show Tiny (Noonbora Bumblebee) #toypoodle Best of Breed Group 7 Junior in Group Best Junior in Show Groomed by Cheryl Shanshan Zheng

12th SKC Exam & 4th AGF Competition

Congratulations to our students for their performance on friday. Cheryl Shanshan Zheng for winning Technical Award for AGF Grooming Competition Class C Charlene Chen for winning Award of Merit for AGF Grooming Competition Class C Michelle Hutomo for winning Technical Award for SKC Grooming Examinations Class C.

62nd KKF Grooming Competition

Annyeonghasaeyo. Just last week, we sent two of our warriors to Korea for a shot at the 62nd KKF Grooming Competition. They did not let us down and made Singapore ever so proud of their results. Diana Kow aka Nana scored 1st Placing (Best Technical Award) in C Class followed by Tan Wenli in 2nd placing (Technical Award). Nana carried on to win the prestigious Overall Champion amongst all Classes, a total of 190 over participants. That is really some awesome performance put by our two warrior

2nd May Dog Show

Multi RBIS INT KR SG CH snowfeild sypin arther won back to back BOB and BIG in 36th AKU and 205th SKC Championship dog show Tiny won female CC and Singapore Whelped bitch class first in AKU show Mansei won best Singapore Whelped poodle (owned by Shanshan Zheng) in AKU show Jacky won Singapore Whelped Class 1st and RCC in AKU show

1st Elite Grooming Competition

Ashley Tan won Best Technical award(1st placing in 3rd Elite Grooming Competition Show category Tan Wen Li won Award of Merit in show category. Regina Tan won Award of Merit in Show category Xu Zhixiang won Award of Merit in show category Results were outstanding Lauren won 3rd placing out of 15 participants for Inaugural Handling Examinations and Cheryl Zheng is now a Certified Handler.

11th SKC, 3rd AGF

Class A : Ashley Tan Shu Hui Pass Class B : Xu Zhixiang Pass Award of Merit Cheryl Zheng Pass Class C : Winnie Yeo Pass Award of Merit Sheree Pass Class Open : Charlene Tan Pass Award of Merit Wendy Seen Pass Jimmy Zhang Pass Geraldine Pass AGF: Class A : Regina Tan Class B : Tan Wenli

1st AGF Overall Champion

Diana Kow (aka Nana) has done it again. This would be her 2nd overall Champion title. And this time, she will always be remembered as the 1st ever to attain this highly regarded title, the AGF Overall Champion.

We are Proud to Announce

Art of Pets Grooming School is officially an Appointed Grooming Establishment of the Singapore Kennel Club (SKC). [Mr Park receiving the official certificate from SKC's Chairman Mrs Jina Williams]

8th SKC-Halo Grooming Examinations 2

JKC Judge Mr Satoshi Katoi at the 8th Halo SKC Grooming Examinations. Class B: Brandon Tan - Technical Award (2nd Prize) Regina Tan - Award of Merit Steven Li - Award of Merit Lim Ching You - Passed Class C: Tan Wen Li - Best Technical Award (1st Prize) Sharon Ng - Award of Merit Open Class: Tan Shu Hui Ashley - Best Technical Award (1st Prize) Vivian Goh - Technical Award (3rd Prize) Sharon Tan - Passed Dennis Tong - Passed Chen Qinghai - Passed

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