MAKAR TRIPLE Cat Litter Box Sand falling footboard prevents the cat feet taking sand out of the box.

a) Screen: urine leaking across the screen avoids the dirt glued to the feet when scratching the cat litter.

b) Diapers could be placed under the grid to absorb the urine stains and to improve the potty odor. Dust and sand dust can be effectively filtered, not only of the general litter, wood pellets, crystal sand, but also flaky crystal sand.

c) Bottom: cat urine and litter particles automatically penetrate the screen to the bottom, which is convenient for daily cleaning, preventing the powder from flying.

It is consistent with the cat nature, not cramped, not repressed. The cat will be more comfortable and easier for training.

a) Absorb more excrement and reduce odor.

b) Sufficient height for the litter not splashing everywhere.

c) There are specific cushions added for the four angles at the bottom to prevent scratch on floor and fiber burring on carpets.

d) Sand falling footboard prevents the cat feet taking sand out of the box. 



51.5cm x 38.5cm x 71cm 


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