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Prices can defer subject to size, condition of coat, health, temperament, groomer and style. Double coated dogs cost more.

dog grooming school dog grooming academy


Yorkshire, Toy Poodle, Pomeranian etc

BATH & FLUFF - $35 to $55 (Includes Ear Cleaning)
BASIC - $55 to $75


  • $75 to $85 (Fully Shaved, Keep Face)

  • $95 to $$125 (Fully/Part Scissored)


  • $85 to $95 (Fully Shaved)

  • $135 to $$165 (Fully/Part Scissored)

QUICK GROOM - $60 (Fully Shaved, Keep Face)

STUDENT - $45 to $60 ​

Nano Bubble Spa - $40 (Promo $30)
Ozone Spa -  $40 (Promo $30)

Ayurveda Spa - $25 - $35
Medicated Treatment - $25 - $35
Whitening Treatment - $15 - $25
CO2 Grooming Tab - $12
Undercoat Removal - $20 to $30
Dematting - From $20 ~
De-Ticking - From $65 ​

Poodle Feet Shaving - $15 ​

Nail Clipping - $15 
Ear Cleaning - $15
Paw Shaving - $10



dog grooming school dog grooming academy


Shiba Inu, Corgi, Cocker Spaniel etc

BATH & FLUFF - $55 to $75 (Includes Ear Cleaning)
BASIC - $75 to $95


  • $95 to $125 (Fully Shaved)

  • $135 to $185 (Fully/Part Scissored)


  • $195 to $245 (Fully/Part Scissored)

QUICK GROOM - $80 (Fully Shaved, Keep Face)

STUDENT - $60 to $80


Ayurveda Spa - $45 to $55

Medicated Treatment - $35 to $50

CO2 Grooming Tab - $20

Undercoat Removal - From $25

Dematting - From $20 ~

De-Ticking - From $85

Poodle Feet Shaving - $20


Nail Clipping - $20

Ear Cleaning - $20
Paw Shaving - $15



dog grooming school dog grooming academy


Golden Retriever, Labrador, Husky etc

BATH & FLUFF - $75 to $95 (Includes Ear Cleaning)
BASIC - $105 to $145



  • $145 to $185 (Fully Shaved)

  • $165 to $295 (Fully/Part Scissored)


  • $305 to $255 (Fully/Part Scissored)

Poodles, Doodles & Huskies (short to medium length)

BATH & FLUFF - $95 - $125
BASIC - $135 to $165

Full Groom

  • $180 to $250 (Fully Shaved)

  • $300 onwards (Fully/Part Scissored)


Ayurveda Spa - $55 to $75

Medicated Treatment - $55 to $75

CO2 Grooming Tab - $30

Undercoat Removal - From $30 ~

Dematting - From $20 ~

De-Ticking - From $100 ~

Poodle Feet Shaving - $25


Nail Clipping - $25

Ear Cleaning - $25

Paw Shaving - $20



Price List



  • Certified C Class & Above

  • Regular Grooming Standards

  • 2 to 3 hours Grooming Hours

Available at

Guillemard & Joo Chiat


  • Certified B Class & Above

  • Higher Grooming Standards

  • 2.5 to 3.5 hours


Available at



  • Graduated Students, Class C & Above

  • Non Fussy Standards

  • Shaved body length of 1.5 to 3mm, head trim

  • 2 hours

Available at

Guillemard & Joo Chiat


  • Students going Through Certification

  • Non Fussy Standards

  • 6 hours


Available at

Joo Chiat

Different Prices to suit your needs

Dog Grooming is an essential part of a Dog's life. Unlike the human kind, Dogs can't clean their own ears, take a shower or brush their teeth.


As a responsible owner, bring your Dog for regular grooming. So how often should I bring my Dog to the groomers? Well, some breeds require more grooming than others. For example, Jack Russel Terriers require basic grooming only once a month, perhaps with the additional removal of undercoat. A poodle on the other hand will require full grooming every other month minimally, with basic grooming in between. Poodles also require daily brushing of their coat to prevent matting. If you want your furry one looking like a million dollars than get them fully groomed every month.

Grooming is not just aesthetics, it contributes to the health and well-being of your pet. Long nails are painful and deforms the bone structure of your dog. Unshaven paw pads makes walking a difficult and slippery task. Uncleaned ears leads to infections and possibly deafness in bad cases. Unkempt fur eventually leads to bad skin and smell. Your dog requires all these to be done by you or your groomer. Enquire about basic grooming or bathing packages so you can leave the difficult work to us and have them smelling good and looking great all the time.

Why are We Different?

At Art of Pets Grooming School, we have Grooming Services by Students, Young Groomers, Groomers, Senior Groomers all priced differently. We charge according to the Groomers experience and certification and the time spent. We do not over-charge nor under-charge, fair and transparent pricing. We take pride in our grooming, always using the right techniques even if it takes longer. We hand-dry every dog, fur by fur. Our Groomers are certified and constantly upgrading and updated with the latest trends and techniques. We use only the best products on your dog, never scrimping with cheap shampoos or equipment. Equipment are also UV sterilised after each use.  

Please take some time to read the Terms and Conditions below before making an appointment with us.

Luxurious Ayurveda Herb Pack Spa for Dogs

Direct from Japan

This luxurious spa helps eliminates itchy flaky skin and regain hair growth for some dogs."Animal Ayurveda Herb Pack" is a full-body supplement pack that skin care and beauty care are possible in one degree at the same time. The herbs used in this treatment are certified 100% organic and recognized by Ecocert and other such renowned organic organizations in the world. The materials of this pack are selected carefully from the herb used for Ayurveda, which is effective for skin care, beauty of coat care, and insect repellent. Add this to your next grooming!

Price List

Grooming Tab CO2 Spa for Dogs

Direct from Japan

Every once in a while, a great product appears on the market and changes how things work. The Grooming Tab is one such product. Because there’s never been any solvent able to clean mineral waste, up until its invention. It’s the world’s first bath tablet, and it’s made and patented in Japan.


Deep cleanse without shampoo and soap!

The difference between the Grooming Tab and regular pet shampoos is substantial. Because the Grooming tab surpasses regular shampoos as a cleansing agent. It washes off sticky sweat, sebum, and mineral waste without the use of any synthetic chemical compound. Regular pet shampoos can only get rid of grease and dirt, without removing old keratin and mineral waste in clogged pores.

Removes what regular pet shampoos can’t – the source of pet odour.

The root cause of pet odours is stale fats sticking to mineral waste getting trapped in your pet’s fur coat and between the paw pads. Regular pet shampoos cannot remove mineral waste but the Grooming Tab can!

Improve health and immunity

Bicarbonate ions dissolved in water infused with the Grooming Tab helps to expand blood vessels to promote increased blood flow. Your pet’s metabolism subsequently increases, resulting in improved immunity.

Nano Bubble Spa

A Nano spa for dogs epitomizes a specialized spa experience harnessing the power of nanotechnology to deliver an array of therapeutic advantages to our beloved canines. While each spa may boast unique offerings, the fundamental characteristics of a Nano spa for dogs encompass:

1.⁠ ⁠Nanobubble Technology: These innovative spas leverage minuscule bubbles known as nanobubbles, which are adept at permeating deep into the skin and coat, imparting a comprehensive cleansing and rejuvenating effect.

2.⁠ ⁠Enhanced Cleansing and Hydration: Nanobubbles excel at purging dirt, debris, and surplus oils from the skin and coat, surpassing the efficacy of conventional bathing methods. Additionally, they have the potential to augment hydration by delivering moisture to the skin's core.

3.⁠ ⁠Promotion of Skin and Coat Health: Nano spa treatments are renowned for their ability to foster vibrant skin and lustrous coats by bolstering circulation, mitigating inflammation, and nurturing the body's natural oil production.

4.⁠ ⁠Relaxation and Stress Relief: Echoing the essence of traditional spa therapies, Nano spas for dogs are crafted to provide a serene and tranquil ambiance, adept at assuaging stress and anxiety.

Nano spas for dogs epitomize a contemporary and sophisticated approach to grooming and wellness, promising a myriad of benefits for our furry companions, spanning from enhanced skin and coat health to overall well-being.


Ozone Spa

The Ozone spa for dogs is a rejuvenating treatment, enveloping our furry friends in the therapeutic embrace of ozonated water. Harnessing the potency of ozone—a formidable oxidant—it embarks on a mission to obliterate bacteria, viruses, and fungi, while fostering wound healing and enhancing circulation. Its salient features comprise:

1.⁠ ⁠Ozonated Water Infusion: Infused with ozone, the spa's water boasts remarkable antimicrobial properties, ensuring a thorough cleansing experience.

2.⁠ ⁠Skin Rejuvenation: Ozone's cleansing prowess extends to skin therapy, nurturing the skin, and orchestrating its rejuvenation, thereby soothing irritations and fostering healing.

3.⁠ ⁠Circulatory Enhancement: Ozone therapy orchestrates a symphony of improved blood flow, fostering accelerated healing and bolstering overall health.

4.⁠ ⁠Tailored Skin Solutions: Addressing a spectrum of skin maladies—from dermatitis to pesky infections—ozone spas stand as a beacon of hope, offering bespoke solutions tailored to each dog's unique needs.

5.⁠ ⁠Aromatically Fresh: With its knack for neutralizing odors, ozone leaves behind a fragrant aura, rendering the dog's coat irresistibly fresh and clean.

The ozone spa embodies a holistic sanctuary, nurturing not only the physical but also the mental well-being of our cherished companions. It stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to canine wellness, promising an enriching journey towards vitality and vitality.

dog grooming school dog grooming academy

Full, Bath & Basic Packages

Pay for 11 sessions & get one Free! 

Take care of your pet's needs for the whole year worry-free.​

Get this package to keep your pet healthy all year-round

Terms & Conditions:

1. Pet to utilise package every month and complete within a one-year period. 
2. Does not include additional charges such as dematting, deticking and trimming.
3. Price dependant on dog size, coat type & length. 


Non-anesthetic Dental Cleaning

What is non-anesthetic dental cleaning? Is it safe, and should I choose this for my dog?

Non-anesthetic dental cleaning is a procedure done by yourself or a groomer, not by a veterinarian. The dog is fully awake and aware during the procedure. Many will argue that it is nothing but a basic surface and aesthetic procedure that has no benefits. Is this true, and why do pet owners still choose this over a proper procedure by a vet? The most common reason from owners is that they do not wish to put their pet under general anesthesia as they are afraid that their pet may not wake up after, though this is rare.

In recent years, ultrasonic devices were created for pets. Traditionally, teeth cleaning was done by other methods. Ultrasonic scalers have been proven to be less damaging to enamel than manual scaling, making it a good choice for those with sensitive teeth or weakened enamel.

But importantly, only vets can accurately identify tooth conditions, not groomers or pet owners themselves.

Here are our thoughts and considerations before you decide which option to choose:

- How old is your dog?
- How tolerant is your dog?
- How bad is the condition?


If you have a relatively young dog and the condition of the teeth is bad, your first option is to get it done by the vet, if all blood tests show that it is fit to do so.

If your pet is a senior and the condition is good and just needs polishing and prevent further build up, you can choose to get a non-anesthetic procedure. Get a consult with a groomer that provides this service. If you know your pet cannot tolerate such a procedure being awake and aware, you should not choose this option.

If the dog is young and the condition is bad, go to a vet. Non-anesthetic dental cleaning is not suitable for every dog. If the condition is very bad, it will likely require some extractions, which only the vets can perform. However, dogs that do not pass the blood test may not have a choice.

Here at Art of Pets, we only perform this procedure on dogs that are not overly stressed by the procedure. It is not easy to get it done on a dog that is very reactive to it, and the last thing we want is for your dog to hate us.

It is always good to add teeth brushing to their daily care routine. This greatly helps to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Some dogs never needed to have this procedure done, though very rarely, as some buildup is usually inevitable after a few years. Daily teeth brushing also helps to desensitize your dogs and can make them more willing to allow non-anesthetic teeth cleaning. Giving them chews also promotes good dental health. Prevention is always better than cure, so start your teeth brushing routine now.


FAQ / Terms & Conditions:

When can I start to groom my dog?

We encourage introducing grooming during puppy hood however all dogs must finish the necessary vaccines before coming. This is to protect your own dog. We will not be responsible if your pet catches a virus due to in-sufficient or not up-to-date vaccinations.

Why do you charge more for a senior / aggressive / matted dog?

Each grooming session is allocated a time frame, the number of dogs a Groomer can groom a day is limited. If your dog requires more time, it will only be fair to charge accordingly.

Can I choose not to de-tick my dog or de-flea my cat? I just need it shaved down, I will do the rest myself.

Unfortunately not. Be a responsible owner and inform us. De-ticking or De-fleaing is mandatory to safeguard other clients within the premises. If your pet is already checked-in for grooming and found to have ticks, a charge will be billed to you for cleaning even if you choose not to proceed. You will be asked to collect your pet immediately after which we will bill you for every 15 minutes at $30. This policy has helped us remain tick-free for the last ten years and we would like to remain so.


I would like to choose my Dog Groomer, is that possible?

Yes you may choose your groomer, otherwise a Groomer will be assigned to you. Different Groomers charge differently, according to experience, position and certification.

Why are there different charges between the Dog Groomers? 

Charges are according to experience and or Certification of the Groomer. Like yourself, Groomers also have their wages increased over-time and experience. If your preferred Groomer has risen through the ranks, his or her fees will also be adjusted accordingly. You may choose another Groomer if you do not wish to pay more and another Groomer will be assigned to the session. Always remember no two grooms are the same, even by the same groomer. Results defer with each Groomer and groom as grooming is done by a person and not a machine. DO NOT request for the same results of a Senior Groomer from a Junior Groomer.

What happens if an injury occurs during grooming?

We want your pet's grooming to be a pleasant experience here at Art of Pets. However, accidents can occur during grooming. Should such a misfortune happen, we will appoint a Vet of our choice to handle the matter. Depending on the severity and how much fault lies with us, we will make a capped amount of medical compensation. This compensation only covers immediate action required by the Vet, no after-care, related conditions for example bed sores, inflamed skin etc or follow-up will be covered. This is to protect the establishment, preventing customers from making unreasonable claims. Remember we are only Groomers, over-compensation by any Grooming Establishment or Groomers will only drive cost up and in-evitable price increases and not to mention, extremely unfair to the establishment or its Groomers. We are working with sharp objects on moving targets, it is never easy and especially so when the pet does not co-operate. If your Pet jumps off the Grooming Table, we are not liable as the necessary restraints are already in place. Pre-existing conditions are not covered as well. For example, a dog who has hip problem may feel discomfort after grooming having stood for a period of time. A dog with sensitive skin or matted coat may present skin irritation after grooming. Heart attacks can occur during or after grooming IF your pet already has a pre-existing heart condition. We cannot possibly be responsible for results of pre-existing conditions.

What happens if my Pet injures the Groomer or any persons working for the Establishment?

A capped medical compensation depending on the severity may be required to be fair. Once a groomer is injured, he or she will not be able to work for a period of time. Always inform us if your dog is aggressive so we can be extra careful. We love animals but we do not deserve to be put in dangerous situations. A serious injury can cause a Groomer to be handicapped or maimed for life. Who will then be responsible? 

Will you decline to groom my Dog?

Yes, we reserve the right to decline providing services should the situation be assessed as dangerous to the Pet or the Groomer. In situations where the Owner is unreasonable or abusive/rude, we may also decline to groom your dog.

What if you are unable to complete my Pet's Grooming?

Depending on how far the grooming has gone, a full or partial charge will be billed. This usually applies to difficult-to-handle pets. (sick, unable to stand, aggressive).

All Terms and Conditions apply the moment your pet steps in for grooming.

Updated on 26 June 2018.

decal-poster-Wix (1).jpg

How to submit a HD (High Defination) photo for your customised decal

Thank you for grooming with us and we hope this is the perfect gift to create some memories with you.


1. Submit photo via whatsapp.
2. After selecting the photo, click on the HD button in the above panel. 
3. Click send.

1. More dog, less background.
2. Good lighting.

3. Do not crop off the ears of parts of the face.
4. Zoom in to check clarity of the eyes.

Please watch the video for visual instructions.

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